• Want to set up a drip irrigation system without a tap or a power socket? Now you can with Aqua-Magic System, an exclusive timer that exploits sunlight energy through its built-in photovoltaic panel and features an integrated pump to draw water from any provided tank. Up to 54 different irrigation programmes can be set using two simple dials, to meet all your irrigation requirements. Aqua-Magic System is a complete kit which includes all the components (feeding tube, drippers, couplings and stakes) to set up a drip irrigation line easily and without the need for any special tool, for delivering always just the right amount of water to up to 20 pots.
  • Water distributor with integrated timer and pump to create a drip irrigation system for up to 20 pots. Suitable for house plants as well as for terraces and balconies, where the unit can be installed in a sheltered position. The system can be powered electrically by a USB adaptor (included), or 2 rechargeable AA 1.2V NiMH batteries, min. 2000 mAh (not supplied). Foldable water tank in thick PVC, 30-litre capacity. Handy opening at the top for filling. No tools required to assemble the upright supports. Four different programmes (7, 14, 21, 28 days of autonomy), selected with a simple dial. Start button to start the programme immediately or with a delay of up to 23 hours. The backlit LCD display shows the selected programme, the duration of the watering cycle in progress, any programmed delay and the time remaining until the next irrigation cycle. Supplied with 20 metres of PVC feeding hose, 20 drippers, 20 hose stakes, 6 tees and 6 end-of-line plugs.


    7 days 180 ml

    14 days 90 ml

    21 days 60 ml

    28 days 45 ml

  • A totally revolutionary automatic one-line water timer containing 15 preset cycles selected using an exclusive control rotary knob. Simply by turning the knob to any one of the 15 numbered notches you can set the program required in a matter of seconds. All the programs available are summarized in a diagram printed on the cover. A led lights up when the distributor is in operation. The unit is fitted with a stainless steel filter. One 9 V battery can power the unit for an entire season. The electronic components are perfectly sealed. With an operating pressure range of 0,2 to 12 bar, Aquauno Logica is 100% quality controlled and tested.
  •   Spare Drippers for use with Aqua-Magic System, 4 - 6 mm hose diam.  5 per packet.
  • Spare feeding tube for Aqua-Magic systems, coil of 10 m, 4 - 6 mm diam.
  • Automatic dripper for pot plants. Double threaded adaptor suitable for ordinary plastic bottles. Supplied complete with 2 nozzles, rated 10 and 15 cl. The spike is anchored into the soil, near the plant roots. Inspectable and washable under running water.
  • One of Claber’s original and most successful products is now available in a more advanced model, for watering indoor pots when you are out or on holiday. There is no need to leave the tap on or connect the product to the power mains. The backlit LCD display allows to check the selected watering programme, along with its duration and all the other settings. Supplied complete with everything you need to set up a drip irrigation system for up to 20 pots, it works using two AA 1.5 V batteries, making the product fully autonomous and reliable.
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    Automatic dripper for pot plants. Quadruple thread adaptor suitable for ordinary plastic bottles up to 5 litres. Complete with 4 nozzles rated 10 cl – 15 cl – 20 cl – 30 cl. Constant, thanks to a special flow control device. Soil-anchored tripod for added stability. Inspectable and washable under running water. Adobe_PDF_file Please click here to download the user manual    
  • Aqua Magic 80 Litre Easy assembly with polypropylene sleeves. Sturdy and stable thanks to the easy to assemble aluminium frame with special anti-scratch covering. Equipped with a special coupling bar to position the Aqua-Magic System.