Automatic dripper for pot plants. Double threaded adaptor suitable for ordinary plastic bottles. Supplied complete with 2 nozzles, rated 10 and 15 cl. The spike is anchored into the soil, near the plant roots. Inspectable and washable under running water.

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Product Description

Drip Irrigation Device – 8052


The patented sprinkler that uses normal plastic bottles to automatically water potted plants: a convenient, smart idea on the balcony or patio, in the house and at the office. No connections with the tap or electricity required: the included drippers allow you to calibrate irrigation, depending on the type of pot and plant, guaranteeing the right amount of water for days on end.

  • shock-proof and weather resistant
  • compatible with all plastic bottles
  • delivers water directly to the roots
  • irrigation is calibrated for every type of plant

Use the grey adapter for most Australian Bottles.


                          Australian Bottle Size (not supplied)

                           Water storage capacity

Control Nozzle       1.25 Litre     2.0 Litre      Nozzle colour

        10 centi-litre    12 days         20 days       Orange

        15 cl                8 days         13 days        Blue

Suggested plant watering guide:

Minimal watering – 10cl per day – Orange Nozzle

Cactus,  Cineraria,   Ivy,   Japonica,   Marigold,   Nasturtium,   Poinsettia,   Spurges,   Zinnia.

                                       – 15 cl per day – Blue Nozzle

 Anthurium,   Aspidistra,   Chamaedorea,   Clivia,    Croton,   Dracaena,   Gardenia,   Jasmine,   Kentia,   Peace Lily.