Water level for Idrus products

If the water level in the “Idris Spike” or “Idris Kit” is not around the 80% full level, the unit needs washing under flowing water.
Remove the device from the plant pot, disassemble and wash the items individually, paying particular attention to the float chamber and the bottle attachment head. Algae formation in the warm weather can restrict the water flow to the plants.

Our “Idris Spikes” and “Idris Kits” have been operating continously for over three years with only an accasional washing of the parts.

Inspect the base of the unit, where the slots for water outlet. Clean the slots with a nail brush or an old toothbrush


Warning: Problems with water storage in drink bottles.

Drink Bottles with non-continuous thread at the top of the bottle have experienced

sealing problems with the “Idris” device.

Use the grey adapter for most Australian Bottles.

Ensure that the “Idris” device is screwed up to the first raised ring on the storage bottle.
To check if the seal is made, hold the bottle and device in the vertical position,  (Bottle uppermost) if no water is seen to flow from the raised sealing ring, the seal is correct.

If the bottle is difficult to attach to the device, smear a little edible oil (Olive oil) on the bottle threads, then re-attach.

Included with each Idris product is the following note:

Idris has passed strict laboratory tests to guarentee even and regular watering:  Warning: never fit the dripper to the clear plastic outlet when these parts are wet (this will result in the formation of tiny air bubbles, which can interupt the drip irrigation flow!)  Dry the dripper and the clear plastic outlet thoroughly with  paper towel whenever Idris is washed.  Taking this simple precaution, you can be sure the product will always work exactly as it should.


Spare Parts for Oasis

Web site for Claber retail site: acquagiardino.it/en/ There are four pages of spare parts for various Claber products.