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Willina Worms

"COMPOST WORMS CONVERT POLLUTING WASTE TO GARDENING GOLD" Willina Worms, 164 Wyses Road,   Bunyah   NSW  2429. 0429 099 794  

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The EASIEST composter you will ever use

www.compot.com.au The EASIEST composter you will ever use 07-3358-3716

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A soiless growing medium

www.prosos.com.au NATURAL AND ORGANIC 100% natural, organic and bio-degradable soil less coir growing medium for all your growing needs.  

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The Herbal Tea Cup

www.theherbalteacup.com.au At The Herbal Teacup we love the benefits that we get from drinking herbal teas each and every day. We have taken our love of all things herbal and want nothing more then to share it with everyone so they too can reap the benefits of what nature has provided us. Verrierdale,   Qld,   4562  [...]

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Some great ideas for establishing a garden and maintaining the garden and tools.

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Problem with Oasis

The Oasis Solenoid. If the Oasis has not been used for sometime, and it is required for use, but on adding water to the tank and switching the unit "on", water does not flow from the system. The fault is in the solenoid, a build up of residual material from the last use period is [...]

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Links to our site

Links to our site  

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