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Watermyplants is a Brisbane based business, that can assist in providing watering devices for potted plants on Patio’s, Balconies, in homes and in Offices.

For single plants in pots – Idris Spike and Idris Kit

These devices use ordinary plastic drinking water bottles as a means of storing water that is used to irrigate the plants, extending the necessity of watering the plants from a daily requirement to a weekly or longer period.

The devices are reasonably priced and easy to wash and maintain.

Up to 20 potted plants for up to 40 days – an extended absence – Oasis.

Up to 20 potted plants for extended periods – Aqua-Magic Solar System. Aqualux

Watermyplants represents in Australia, Claber SPA of  Via Pontebbana nr. 22, 33080 Fiume Veneto (PN) Italy, makers of Irrigation equipment for the past 50 years – “Masters of Water”.