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Drip Irrigation is our Business


What do you want to water? We have the solution for every plant

WaterMyPlants has irrigation devices for potted plants on balconies or patios, making it easy and without wasting water.

Watermyplants Drip Irrigation Systems For Balconies And Patio Potted Plants

Watermyplants can assist in providing watering devices for potted plants on Patio’s, Balconies, in homes and in Offices.

Watermyplants drip irrigation kits you save time, water and money; drop by drop water goes directly to plant roots in the precisely measured quantity. Our micro-irrigation kits are ideal for all flowers and plants and now with the Oasis Self Watering System you do not have to worry of watering your plants when away from home. Water is delivered, metered by the Oasis electronic water timer.

Our drip irrigation watering devices use ordinary plastic drinking water bottles as a means of storing water that is used to irrigate the plants, extending the necessity of watering the plants from a daily requirement to a weekly or longer period.

The devices are reasonably priced and easy to wash and maintain.

Watermyplants will be at the following location: